The Sky is Often the Limit

I love a challenge. And that's what often falls in my lap with various clients and organizations. Here you will find mascots, shark heads, ad campaigns, and maybe even a painted brassiere. Special art projects can set apart businesses and non-profits with out of the box approaches.

What do you want to do that's different and fun? Happy to get you started.

Corporate Creative
As a marketer directing inside an organization or as a creative service provider, I've been developing professional creative for 25+ years.

email doc of music madness
sf logo crown rby ol

BoxCar Toy Box
A kids product that's a toy and storage provider, while packing education and interactivity, with an old-school digital approach!

Mike Sheehan IPI, LLC12498-A
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Adaptive Spirit
A mascot that's been an integral part of the fundraising efforts for the US Adaptive Ski and Snowboard Team for the past 11 years.

sammy n friends animal character cartoon illustration
Sammy the Fox featured in US Paralympic fundraising effort

Christmas Cards
I wouldn't normally provide personal stuff like this, but it represents some pieces of work that are some of the favorites for friends and family.

christmas16 final web

Other Creative Helping Organizations Meet Strategic Goals

Change Note is a non-profit that raises funds leveraging music for families in need with kids fighting serious illness. A whiteboard video was created and published that helped raise $45,000 to truly make a difference.

birko final blue web
eastwest dragons
mouth of bear color
braden save final label3 sm
save the date final 6x8
Logo for non-profit
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