Market Misfits

These Bull & Bear characters have been featured in advertisements, newspapers and restaurants over nearly twenty years.  Nicknamed Bilo & Sellhi ("Buy-Low" and "Sell-High"), they are the yin and yang of the economic world. When one is up, the other is inevitably down.  Each weekday, this bull and bear are engaged in a dramatic tug of war that leaves one a winner, the other a loser.

The following is a collection of Bull and Bear artwork from editorial cartoons, illustrations for stockmarket professionals, and work from advertising for over 4 years for a restaurant concept.

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Clients Putting Bull & Bear to Work for their Organizations

Many clients have seen the value in putting Bull & Bear to work for their businesses or as gifts. Contact me to understand how I can help you in a fun but impactful way, or simply tell me your idea and I can bring it to life!

fearless girl n bull sm
Tom Lee Runs With Bulla and Bears stockmarket cartoon illustration
bull mug
bull bear pedestal npi 1
Coronavirus Catch for Wall Street and Sports Cartoon Illustration

B n B Shenanigans

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