Paintings, Drawings & Beyond

Fun stuff that hangs on walls...or IS actually the walls.

I've enjoyed stretching my wings through the years with painting on canvas and walls, as well as sculpture, and more unconventional graphic design. Some of it done for commission, some for friends and family.

Lots of different things going on here, and I have only posted the tip of the iceberg. So come back later for more!

If you see something you like, I may have the original, or I can create prints, or a brand new version with your twist on it! Just let me know!

Dog Art

Dogs. Painted and drawn. I love dogs, and I love bringing them to life on canvas and paper.


Fun stuff painted on walls.

Other Art

All kinds of other art.

Shop for over 250 of my top images as prints, unframed or framed, and now including posters. Shipping free for orders over $35. Etsy is super easy and convenient! I can provide additional variation in printing as well, from posters to wrapped canvas, all at great prices - reach out to me directly for those options. Also tshirts, sweatshirts, mugs and puzzles!

If you can't find a piece of my work at Etsy, or are interested in a commissioned piece of work, please reach me directly at [email protected] or 303 746-1305.