Visual Storytelling

Cartoons and illustrations for a wide variety of purposes. 20+ years of published work meant to amuse, enlighten, and occasionally make a difference.

Mile High Sports Magazine

The sports news leader in a sports-crazy town, The Mile High Sports Magazine is a tremendous piece of literature, with content delivered by some of the best writers and talent in town. It isn't afraid to go out on the edge a little, and it always provides something for every kind of sports fan.


Featured in their monthly mailer and on social media, the cartoon has been a hit for Beau Ties, Ltd. customers and new ones as well, as the prize is a bowtie of the winner's choice.

Create your own witty fill-in the blank and submit it at Winner receives a beautifully-made bowtie of his/her choice. See their great offerings for any occasion at Also, every cartoon has a hidden bowtie - see if you can find it!

Bull & Bear

Daily workday battle between these two faces of the stockmarket.

Caricatures & Portraits

Famous and not so famous people, in many styles.

Denver Business Journal

For 10 years I commented weekly on local and national business issues for this award-winning paper.


For a couple of years delivered original work for this magazine with a focus on kids sports and development.