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For Yale '90 Reunion

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For Cherry Creek Mortgage

Tom Lee Runs With Bulla and Bears stockmarket cartoon illustration


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NorthStar Portfolio Investments

WhiteBoard Video
Saving Santa From Bike Shorts

Home to hundreds of illustrations, cartoons, whiteboard videos, logos, fine art, and other creative design elements from a career of creativity in the worlds of publishing, marketing, and organizational development. Have fun exploring! I had fun creating...

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Proud to have my work syndicated by online cartoon powerhouse The Cartoonist Group!

In these pages you'll find much of the following:

Visual Storytelling: Cartoons and illustrations for a wide variety of purposes. 20+ years of published work meant to amuse, enlighten, and occasionally make a difference.

Projects for Organizations of All Kinds: I love a challenge. And that's what often falls in my lap with various clients and organizations. Here you will find mascots, shark heads, ad campaigns, and maybe even a brassiere.

Whiteboard Videos: Whiteboard video delivers like few other media vehicles. It's accessible, it's fun, it's a great way to tell a brand story. I've created over 50 of these videos, from strategy to storyboard to art to animation to voiceover to final production. They've helped raise money, grown sales, launched new products, and educated.

Design: Design can be many things, but unless it is on strategy, it won't make a difference for reaching an organization's key goals. With 25+ years of business experience, I never produce work (logos, design elements, packaging) that doesn't have strategy as its central element, which leads to real results.

Fine Art: I've created hundreds of paintings, drawings, and things beyond over the years. Fun stuff that hangs on walls...or IS actually the walls.