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Award-winning cartoons, illustration and artwork are the product of deep experience and understanding of my subject matter. In particular, business (25+ years, MBA, Fortune 100 companies) and sports (All-America, 25+ years of coaching) gives me a leg up on knowing how to deliver strategic, effective creative from an inside perspective.

My Story

Since my professional artist mother placed a crayon in my hand and in those early days inspired by immensely talented brothers, I've been creating things to amuse myself and others. This has led to decades of illustrations and editorial cartoons for publications across the country and on nearly every continent.

More background about a Denver guy who grew up in the leafy suburbs of New Jersey.

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Karl F. Wimer

Artist & Marketer

(flanked above by editorial cartoon legends Ed Stein and Kal)


Karl Wimer is an established, award-winning cartoonist/illustrator as well as a successful marketing executive.  His work is currently regularly featured in Mile High Sports Magazine, Become A Champion magazine, and other publications.

An early influence was his mother, Joyce Wimer, a nationally-recognized professional artist and teacher.  He cartooned for school newspapers such as the Yale Daily and Kellogg Merger.  During the early 90s in Prague, he was the regular cartoonist  for the largest circulation English language newspaper in Central Europe, the Central European Business Weekly.  For nearly 10 years, Karl's editorial cartoons appeared in weekly in the Denver Business Journal, with much of the work published regularly in dozens of other Biz Journals across the country. Before it went into dormancy, Karl was also the featured cartoonist for The Investment Professional, the Journal of the The New York Society of Security Analysts, a highly regarded and nationally distributed publication.  Karl is  a member of The Cartoonist Group, a leading cartoonist syndicate, and a member of the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists.  His work is also regularly featured on Toonpool, an international cartoon showcase.

Karl brings his various interests to his cartooning and art.  A history major at Yale, Karl fought in the trenches for Old Blue, earning a letterman's sweater in football (and more than a few injuries), and collected a few more honors in lacrosse worthy of hanging on the office wall to impress friends.  He then spent more than four years in Europe, involved in everything from coaching lacrosse to earning a graduate degree at the London School of Economics to helping rebuild the Czech economy after the fall of communism as a consultant and venture capitalist.  He returned stateside to chase his goal of being an over-educated twenty-something, and found success with an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern.  During those years, Karl also worked in Chile and Thailand, ostensibly as a marketer.

He continued to build his marketing career while hawking the best za's under one roof for Pizza Hut. Karl was fortunate to manage major, co-branded national promotions with big-hitters such as the NCAA,  PlayStation, Pepsi, Anheuser-Busch, Major League Baseball, and Lucas Films.  The Star Wars Episode I promo was the can't-miss, notch-in-the-belt career opportunity, until people actually saw the movie - and Jar-Jar Binks.  Karl left the restaurant world to join the great dotcom gold rush, burning much midnight oil for several years as VP of Marketing for a number of start-ups and early stage concepts.

Karl's cartoons won Society of Professional Journalists First Place Awards many years in a row, First Prizes with the Colorado Press Association, and a finalist prize in the national Party Toons contests.  He was featured annually in the Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year - the definitive annual collection chosen from cartoonists across the US and Canada.  His work has also been featured in USAToday, with NPR, Fox News and has been in print around Europe, as well as in books around the world. He has spoken to groups of all sizes on cartoons, and has appeared on PBS. Recently, his work has been chosen to appear in one of the leading college Economics textbooks, written by Paul Krugman.

Karl is regularly commissioned by businesses to develop cartoons for marketing and promotional efforts.  He has designed logos for organizations big and small, created artwork for new products, designed and developed websites, and frequently receives commissions for portraits, murals and other artwork.  Past projects have included a logo and mascot development for the central sponsor for  the US Disabled Ski Team, website gremlins, puppet designs for a children's video, painting a highly-prized, painted brassiere for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and wall caricatures for the Denver Press Club.

When not creating art, illustrations, and cartoons, Karl leads companies of all sizes with various marketing and strategy challenges, as well as a lacrosse, football, and basketball coach, and stays active with inner-city youth development.

Next Steps...

Give me a call or shoot me an email if you have a project that requires a bit of creativity and strategy. I'm pretty certain I can help!